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The journey continues


I first began to blog in 2008.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, especially short, inspirational pieces and thought blogging would be a good way to use that skill set again.  (In high school I sold written work from time to time to supplement my spending money!)  I also felt that having a place to share thoughts and information on worship music could be helpful to others.  Setting up and starting my blog was an adventure.  I was intrigued (okay, sometimes frustrated)  by the fact that I had no idea who (if anyone!) was reading what I wrote.  I found other blogs where hymns and faith were discussed and felt a little less geeky in my passion for church music.

This week the adventure became new all over again when I was invited to become an “affiliated blogger” on the revamped Record website.   I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions on worship music and other aspects of faith and life, and also to hearing your comments, my readers, and hopefully engaging in some lively discussion from time to time.

About the author

Evangeline Keeley has been involved in church music in various ways all her life. She is the new Music Director at Prairie Presbyterian Church, Winnipeg and also teaches piano in the city. She presents concerts of sacred music across Canada and always includes stories and background on the pieces she plays. Evangeline has released two CDs: Notes of Faith (2006) and Carols of Hope and Joy (2012). Both contain piano pieces by contemporary arrangers and composers.

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