St. George’s, London, Ont.


St. George’s had a lot to celebrate in March. The church held a reception to mark both the 90th birthday of Rev. Murdo Pollock and the the 65th anniversary of hi ordination. Pollock worked hard at his own party, preaching the sermon and then cutting the cake with his wife, Joyce.

Second picture from left: Rev. John Bannerman, Joyce Pollock, Rev. Murdo Pollock, Rev. Keith McKee, Dr. Dorcas Gordon

In the third picture, Pollock is surrounded by his family.


3 thoughts on “St. George’s, London, Ont.

  1. We celebrated Rev. Pollock’s 65th anniversary of his ordination to The Word and Sacrament as well as his 90th birthday. The caption did not make the first part clear.
    Cal Withers,
    Elder, St. George’s PC, London, ON


  2. So nice to see the face of Rev Pollock again and to see he is doing well. I used to attend Sunday school at Hamilton Road Presbyterian church with my grandmother Vera Mitchell and have wonderful memories of Rev Pollock’s sermons and the spirit and joyful warm nature of that congregation.


  3. Reverend Pollock used to stay with my Grandmother when he was a student minister in the 1940s. Later he was the minister of Mission and Haney Presbyterian (where my family attended). Later moved to London. To this day I have Joyces catechism book…I should give it back some day…I have lost track and hope they are both well…
    Gerald Hutchison


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