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Let Go, Let God

I’m not one who is big on change. I struggle with go-with-the-flow type plans and find sudden changes uncomfortable at best. So as God would have it, I found myself on a Canada Youth planning team that had to work […]

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Living Fire

What does it mean to be "on fire"? This was a question I heard often prior to Canada Youth. Since I was invited to lead four days of

How One Week Changed my Life

I started off my week at Canada Youth 2012 with a question in my head: “What on earth do I want to do with my life?” Well, God

Experiencing God Together at CY2012

e are in the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre at Brock University and there is an awesome excitement in the room. Five hundred youth from all over Canada, along with

God Has Called Me for This

My recent experience at Canada Youth has really opened my eyes to mission. I recently went on a trip to Belize where I was teaching for my practicum.

Malawi Reflections

Young people from Blantyre Synod in Malawi visited Canada and participated in the conference. Here's what some of them said about their experiences: Priscilla Mlewa: Malopa Church of Central

Mission Track Adventures

How does the church in Canada do mission? This was the question with which I grappled during the Mission Track at Canada Youth 2012. From July 3-8, 27


Canada Youth – On Fire – 2012

Here We Grow Again

My CY journey began in 2006. I had just accepted the role of youth co-ordinator at St. John's, Cornwall, Ont., and had no time to prepare to take

Light the Fire in my Soul

Canada Youth 2012 was an incredible time of growth, development and self-discovery for us! All three of us are from Ontario, but now we have friends in Manitoba, British

Awakened Faith

Being a pastor's kid always has its ups and downs: I have been surrounded by the love of my church family and my own family, but have often

Embrace the Heat!

Sometimes I wish I was 14 or 15 again. Then I could attend the conference track at Canada Youth. Canada Youth 2012 was truly a remarkable experience. Days before

New Faith, New Family, New Future

I stood in the colossal concrete hallway outside the theatre and gazed at my surroundings. The air hung thick with humidity and chatter, and it was impossible not

A Cornerstone on Fire

The year is 2000. It is the fourth of July. The place is Fonthill, Ont., my hometown. I am 16 years old. I am about to embark


Q&A with Canada’s Youth (Part Three)

How did CY’s Mission Track help you grow in your faith? “My knowledge has grown. Now I can do more in my own community. The mission track has encouraged


Q&A with Canada’s Youth (Part Two)

Why do you think it’s important for your identity to be rooted in Jesus? “You put yourself in a position where you’re connected with God and you’re living a


Q&A with Canada’s Youth (Part One):

How is Canada Youth 2012 helping you grow in your faith? “I’m learning how to feed the fire, to live for Christ and just know more about my calling

Kristine O'Brien addresses CY 2012

“Let There Be Light” –Words Have Power

In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God