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What to Preach on Good Friday

Preachers are afraid they might upset some members of their congregations. They are afraid to say what they really believe about Jesus’ crucifixion.

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Andrew Faiz

Bending the Wild

Mornings start with uppers—"I'm no good before my first cup of coffee!" And continue during the day—java, tea, cola, energy drinks. You need to mediate the crash each


A Most Fitting Epitaph

In Wayne Johnston's novel The Custodian of Paradise, on the gravestone of a minister and fisherman of a remote island off the southern coast of Newfoundland, there is

Stephen Harris

Asking Over the Back Fence

The question I am asked most frequently when I preach is some version of "What can we do to bring new people into our church?" I usually tell

David Harris

Overcoming Fear and Loathing

It would be convenient to blame a hard winter for the state of the national psyche, but that would avoid addressing the real roots of fear and anxiety. And

A Church of Now

Once, I imagine, perhaps near the beginning of its 125-year history, before there were big houses and tall buildings and even mature trees, my home church of Morningside-High


He is Risen!

It is an ancient liturgy translated into countless tongues and spoken by billions since the historical event of the resurrection. It is the core of the Church's Easter

Palm Sunday

Palms and Politics

Liturgy of the Palms March 29, 2015 Mark 11:1 - 11 or John 12:12 - 16 All four gospels agree that Jesus rode into Jerusalem in a one - man parade.

Sin Melt

The Lesson of Candle Ice

Walking on ice has always freaked me out just a little. Every year at freeze - up in November I look out at the new ice on Lac

Andrew Faiz

Rest and Respond

I spent some time in January reading the 11 issues of last year's Record. Perhaps it was the frame of mind I was in but I noted a

David Harris

Life and Death

Supreme Court of Canada has decided that Canadians may seek the assistance of a physician to end their lives. The decision itself raises many questions, answers few (perhaps


The Cultural Divide

We live in a country of ever increasing cultures and subcultures. We live at a time when we realize that in the past, many confused winning folks for

Stephen Harris

The Patty Test

When my wife Patty accompanies me on a guest preaching engagement, she normally does not actually enter the church building with me. I try to arrive early enough

Progressive Lectionary

Put Down the Gospel Gun

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany February 8, 2015 1 Corinthians 9:16 - 23 Evangelist Will Nichols goes by the name "The Gospel Gun." He strides into country - gospel concerts and

Stephen Harris

Sovereign Grace

You probably won't get good at using, say, computers, unless you learn the meaning of a few key words. It's not that different for being a Christian or, even,


Your Life Verse

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope" (Jeremiah

David Harris

To Question Well

The last several issues of the Record have focused a great deal on our ability or inability to have reasonable conversations about thorny issues within the church. As

Andrew Faiz

Numbed and Helpless

The attack last December on a school in Pakistan left me numb. Gunmen killed 132 children in a precise and thorough fashion without remorse. That I have a


A Radical Shift

A while back I received a document sent to me from my aunt. It was a very short handwritten letter from the district registrar in the Land Registry

David Harris

Practice Real Love

Conversations are at the heart of relationships. They no doubt happen in smaller settings—presbyteries, committees, our homes—but at present there is no mechanism for face - to - face