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Stephen Harris

The Patty Test

When my wife Patty accompanies me on a guest preaching engagement, she normally does not actually enter the church building with me. She enters a few minutes before worship as an anonymous stranger to the church.

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Stephen Harris

Sovereign Grace

You probably won't get good at using, say, computers, unless you learn the meaning of a few key words. It's not that different for being a Christian or, even,

Stephen Harris

We Pray for the Same Things

As I write this, I look east over the hills of Jerusalem. It is a Monday morning and yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent. I raise an

Stephen Harris

Christmas in the Garage

Our son Allan was a typical, grumpy 14 - year - old. He would attend the youth group, led by a theology student named Doug, under protest; but

Stephen Harris

On Fighting Fair

My successor as Moderator of the General Assembly will have a much tougher job than I did. At the last assembly, commissioners felt deeply about and debated passionately

Stephen Harris

Are You Saved?

From time to time some earnest soul will ask me, "Are you saved?" There is a biblically correct answer to that question: "I have been saved. I am

Stephen Harris

Upping the Coolness Factor

I am renowned for what is technically known as a "low coolness factor" and normally people sedulously keep me away from anything having to do with youth; but

Stephen Farris

The Roots Approach

Individuals have a natural life span—nothing surprising there. We are also becoming accustomed, with pain, to a parallel notion, that congregations have life spans. It may be time

David Sutherland

Choosing Our Priorities

The Holy Spirit is the One appointed to get us where we need to be with the quality of fellowship we are destined to enjoy. The Spirit teaches

David Sutherland

Decisions! Decisions!

Decisions are ever before us: large ones, small ones, daily ones, life - changing ones. Gardeners wonder what should be planted first. Where I live, I have to

David Sutherland

Waiting on Another

Tolerance for waiting, even for those we dearly love, has become a victim of our technical age. Patience is an expression of the respect we have for who

David Sutherland

Extravagant Moderation

David, you have to learn moderation!" I've heard this with frequency throughout my life. I have been told by good Christian mentors that we should be moderate in

David Sutherland

A Band of Gentle Giants

Have you known a gentle giant? We tend to think of those people who are large enough to be intimidating and yet when we get to know them,

David Sutherland

Called to Faithfulness

Many are the images of faithfulness we carry with us through life. They comfort us, inspire us and I hope change us as we wrestle with our many

David Sutherland

A Simple Joy

We are home from India now, with minds full of potent new images of life. One of those images is of a simple joy. On your behalf we visited

David Sutherland

Being Without

Peter and John are in the temple in Jerusalem. A lame man approaches them for spare change. They have none. So Peter speaks these immortal words which have

David Sutherland

It’s About Honesty

I have already felt the power of your prayers in my ministry as moderator. At the Truth and Reconciliation gathering in Vancouver, which I'm scheduled to attend Sept.

David Sutherland

Moderator vs. Mountain

The second highest peak in Newfoundland, Gros Morne, "the Great Sombre," is 802 metres high and offers a refreshing trek through balsam forest, a steep ascent of

David Sutherland

Our Hidden Treasure

The substance of our beliefs is important. The responsibility of what we do is important. The style by which we live our faith in word and deed is

John Vissers

Union with Christ

I began this column in the Record last summer with an unapologetic affirmation of the centrality of Jesus Christ for our church's faith and life, now and in