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Knox Calgary

‘The Will of Christ’

A movement that began with an open letter posted online is gaining traction in some of the courts of the church. The Presbytery of Waterloo – Wellington has endorsed an overture to the General Assembly which asks the church’s highest […]

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Knox College Celebrates 170 Years

"On November 5, 1844, in an upper room of a house on James Street, 14 students gathered for the founding class of a theological institution for the free

The Putin Problem – Opinion

During almost 15 years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has demonized the West while rebuilding Russia's military, largely with oil and gas revenues from customers in Europe. Masha Gessen, a


Commemorating the Confession

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Church's Confession to Aboriginal Peoples. To commemorate the historic event, the Presbyterian Church has been collecting stories of reconciliation and

14-09-22 Interfaith Summit-62

Indigenous Faith Leaders Reflect on Resilience and Climate Change

Indigenous peoples have a role to play in the struggle against climate change, indigenous faith leaders said during a panel at the Interfaith Summit on Climate Change held

14-09-22 Interfaith Summit-14

Weaving Together Personal Faith and Climate Change

Although climate change is often thought of as something external to an individual person, it is interwoven with personal spirituality, as well. This was the conclusion of a

14-09-21 Interfaith Summit-41

Interfaith Service Calls for Hope in the Face of Climate Change

Two phoenix sculptures hung suspended from the ceiling, their bodies dotted with lights and their tail feathers unfurling above the heads of the faith leaders and adherents who

14-09-21 Interfaith Summit morning-102

Faith Leaders Call for Action on Climate Change

As hundreds of thousands of people flooded through the streets of New York City on September 21 in a march for action on climate change, 30 faith leaders


‘The Will of Christ’

A movement that began with an open letter online is gaining traction in some of the courts of the church. The Presbytery of Waterloo-Wellington has endorsed an overture

Presbyterian Publishes Memoir

Patricia Ann Boyes said she met Jesus when she was four years old. It was on the day she walked alone to the country church near her grandmother's

Assyrian Christian refugees fleeing Islamic State ISIS militants, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq - 11 Aug 2014

Prayer and Action

Thousands of Iraqi Christians have fled their homes as militants from the Islamic State (also commonly known as ISIS) swept through areas of eastern Syria and northern and western Iraq, killing or forcing out


A 40-Day Pilgrimage

On Aug. 18, Jan Hieminga of Knox, Oakville, Ont., began an 800-kilometre walk along the ancient El Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage that takes hikers from France, over

Book Room Closing

The WMS Book Room located at church offices on Wynford Drive and operated by the Women’s Missionary Society will close as of June 30, 2015 after serving the

Fifty Years for Flora House

Winnipeg Inner City Missions organized a community festival day on July 20 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Flora House. Established in 1964 by the Women’s Missionary Society

New Webber Book Available

Longtime Record columnist David Webber has just released his fourth book, When The Aspen Flowers: Blooming in the Creator's Garden. “The reason for writing it, besides the fact that

Presbyterian Ministers Acknowledged

Four Presbyterian ministers have been recognized for their dedication and hard work in various fields. In April, the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care acknowledged Rev. Dr. Pamela McCarroll

Canadian Revenue Agency Audits United Church and Kairos

The United Church of Canada and the ecumenical coalition Kairos are undergoing an audit focused on how much they spend on political activities. The United Church administers Kairos on


VST Staff Move into St. Andrew’s Hall

Vancouver School of Theology and St. Andrew’s Hall staff are closer than ever, with VST turning a wing of the Presbyterian college’s residence into temporary office spaces while

Congregation Struggles in Midst of Floods

As floods in Manitoba and Saskatchewan close roads and force people from their homes, members of one congregation are struggling to find ways to deal with the crisis


Choosing Forgiveness

On Wednesday, June 4, the RCMP officer was on the road, frantically trying to get motorists to turn around, gun at the ready. I came alongside another vehicle