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New boots, new journey!

I am taking a course on Celtic spirituality as a part of my Doctor of Ministry studies, and am leaving Sunday afternoon to spend two weeks in Scotland and England. That meant I needed new boots! The second week I […]

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The wilted reverend: How to write a great eulogy

Last week, I found myself a little wilted after listening to eleven eulogies in only two funeral services. Yes, eleven. And while I listened to each one (which

I have five hundred new friends but they are rather quiet. And wiggly.

Well, I haven't actually counted, but I am told there are about five hundred in a half pound of worms. They are Red Wigglers and they are small

Get lost, but mind the cauliflower.

I grew up taking piano lessons. As a teenager, I would get so absorbed in practicing that I sometimes forgot things. Like the pot on the stove that


Advent redeemed the church lawn

This Advent, our congregation celebrated the season leading up to Christmas with a Giving Calendar. Each family in the congregation was given a long banner made of sealed


Inconvenient, breathtaking beauty

The Advent and Christmas seasons are an intense time for clergy. Here in Ontario, December also brought severe winter weather, difficult travel and widespread power outages. Still, there

I am remembering the women who stayed home

This morning was busy at our house. My oldest, A., was up early so he could get dressed in his full piping kit, ready to play at the

Jackson and the school trip-turned-spiritual-exercise

I don't do school trips. At least, not since S. was in grade one. Parents were given explicit instructions not to buy any treats for the children in


Giddy in a Cow Head garden

It might sound a little strange if you're from Ontario, but I love Cow Head! It was one of my favourite stops on our Newfoundland adventure. That's where


The hunky dory garden

As we traveled through Newfoundland, we didn't do much shopping for gifts or souvenirs. But somehow, "The Hunky Dory" seemed like a great name for a shop, and

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A simple life. For three weeks, anyway.

I told my kids that this year we wouldn't be taking a vacation--we would be going on an adventure instead! My family was blessed to have three entire

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My first church taught me an important gardening lesson

This August, it will be sixteen years since I was ordained and began serving in a pretty little church in Strathroy, Ontario. This year they are celebrating the

My oatmeal picnic

Often on my desk at the church there is an empty bowl, ringed with cinnamon, that once held my breakfast oatmeal. Sometimes there is one in my minivan,

The dirt on hope

I have been thinking about dirt lately. Because if you drive near my house you will see a lot of it. Just north of our neighbourhood, underneath huge

Sometimes even in the springtime hope is hard to find

A woman from our neighbourhood died. For ten years our families have shared an unremarkable friendship, really. We chatted in the doorway at birthday parties, arranged play dates,


Banging my chair on the ceiling: take that, squirrel!

I may not have bats in the belfry, but I do have a squirrel in the attic. At least, I hope it's only one. Good grief. We first noticed


Ashes to ashes, parent to child

Ash Wednesday is an ancient holy day in the Christian church calendar. It marks the beginning of the season of Lent, which is traditionally a time of spiritual


Snow day in high def. With 3D and surround sound, too.

It was a snow day. The best kind, too. Not only were the school buses cancelled, but schools were closed and the roads were too messy to venture


You don’t have to win the lottery to have an endless vacation

Putting my kids to bed on Sunday nights is always a little difficult. My youngest in particular hates to see the weekend come to a close, which often


Don’t you hate getting stuck behind slow people?

For as long as I can remember, I have been in a hurry. When I was a kid, my teachers hassled me because my slap-dash writing style was