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Camp Kintail

What I Learned at Camp

I learned that the teens who attended camp come back year after year and that most do not attend church on a regular basis and some never do. I heard that they like to come because this is the only place they learn about God.

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Calvin’s Spirituality for Ordinary Life

As Presbyterians, we know John Calvin as a key influence on our doctrine and faith. How many of us can also say that we understand his idea of

Reading the Times?

If William Proudfoot had gotten his way, this year's recruit of graduates from Knox and Presbyterian College would have been as proficient with crop rotations and fertilizers as

A Ministry of Presence – ( Winner )

It is often absolute chaos. There is a din in the background; bowls of food are going out left and right to all the tables. Over a hundred

DeCourcy Rayner

A Depth of Talent

We changed the process of the Rayner Award this year. In past years, I have chosen a theme on which the participants have to write. This year, we

Sex, Prophets and Polity

How does the church find a balance between safeguarding the tradition and speaking with a prophetic voice? This was the question posed to me and my fellow students

Did Paul Have an Illness?

Like me, you may be amazed how new concepts are continuously revealed to you as you pursue your relationship with God. This happened to me once again when


Beyond Kum Ba Yah

Camp directors know their job makes little sense to people on the outside. "They think of camp as sitting around the campfire singing Kum Ba Yah," laughs Chantal Jackson,

From Disaster to Delight

“What do you mean, the pump won’t go on?” queried my husband, when I opened the truck door. I hated to explain the mess I had just found in