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A Difficult Love Story

Sometimes it takes a difficult love story. Sometimes the penny drops when things get a little difficult. Yesterday, we took the kids to a deer park. 55 acres of fields and forest and 14 species of deer. Otters, a wolf […]

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The Lion’s Share and Our Daily Bread

“Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God...” Daniel 6:10 I set up a lovely joke for the Sunday School kids


Looking into the Darkness

We're celebrating Michaelmas today. Not just for my own Michael, but of course he is the grand excuse. This year, Michaelmas is ringing true, so we're claiming it.


Chasing geese and toddlers

I went on a merry dance this morning. A rabbit trail or, if you like, a wild goose chase. I thought that we were in Lectionary Year B,


Letter to a Unknown Solider

I read today about a new kind of memorial for the First World War. It will be a large scale public artwork, made of words. Neil Bartlett, an English


Plum is One

I was in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and I was spent. The night before was probably one of those teething nights. I can't remember


Scrubbing the table

On Thursday night at Dinner Church, we were anticipating Pentecost. We shared the passage from John 14 when Jesus promises the Advocate who will remain with his disciples


An All-Ages Easter

When Beangirl was small, we decided to sidestep the Easter bunny and instead offer her an Easter morning treasure hunt around our little apartment. We wrote out clues

Friday, March 28, 2014. AP Photo/L’ Osservatore Romano

We All Stink

Some days, the gospel seems clear, but it's hard to talk about. Usually when reading the story of Lazarus, I find myself thinking about the sisters in this story.


Cake Day and Moses

Our biggest pie fan (and one of our oldest friends) was visiting this weekend, so I had a second go at the passion fruit tart idea.  This time,



Sometimes you don't know how things are going to end up. When I was plotting Valentine's Day a few weeks ago, I bought two teacups on eBay. I should



Blessed are the broken. That's the beatitudes in a nutshell but, of course, none of the blessings stop there. Blessed are the broken because things are going to


Naming Names

There are two bits that jump out of this week's lectionary passage in the Gospel and both are connected to the naming of names. Maybe it's because we've


At the Christmas assembly

On Thursday morning, Plum and I went to church together for the school assembly. Twice a year, the students from the local primary school come across the street


Maybe even beautiful.

Hard words this morning. Words that we've been trying to match up to headlines for generations. Words of Christ. Then he said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom


Remember, Remember

Yesterday was Reformation Sunday, next week is All Saints, and then we're onto Remembrance Day. Remember, remember, it's almost November. Perhaps it is the darkening days that do it.


Third Time Around

Yesterday, Plum was baptised. It was a bright day with a clear blue sky overhead. I thought that it felt a bit like Thanksgiving. Maybe because Beangirl was


The Wide, Wide World

Yesterday, it was the Cheerios box. At lunch time, it was sitting on the floor next to the table. Not spilt or thrown or even knocked over. Probably


Waiting but not watching the clock

With a title like that and a new baby in the house, you'd be forgiven for thinking I was focussing (again?) on patience or something of that ilk.

Photo by Bob Munnik

In Circles

It's been a week since our newest little one arrived. He was born in the middle of our expat life in Edinburgh, at home in our rented apartment. We're