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Effective Practices to Keep the Business Safe and Healthy

Effective Practices to Keep the Business Safe and Healthy

There could be many challenges as businesses adjust to the new normal. What can be the possible solutions for these challenges?

In Ontario, Stage 3 is on the way. This means slow re-openings of businesses in different parts of Canada. Therefore, it is inevitable to have challenges regardless if the business is big or mall. Although this would be the case, some measures can be taken so that safety is ensured.

The most basic are the three Cs. These are Closed spaces, Close-Contact settings, and Crowded areas. Another important factor to consider is the engagement of workers. It is recommended to include the employees in making the safety protocols in the workplace. Businesses can do this by having daily meetings following social distancing before the start of the shift. By doing this, they can get feedback from the employees and foster a good work relationship.

Communication is very powerful during this period. It is important not only for the employees but for their families to feel safe. This can be made through simple memos, online seminars, and company meetings.