How Food Safety Is Handled During the Pandemic

How Food Safety Is Handled During the Pandemic

The food industry in Canada has a big responsibility, especially now considering that several months have passed since the pandemic. Have there been significant changes in Canada’s food industry? Have there been improvements implemented? Are there actions that can be taken to improve safety worldwide? These are the questions constantly asked by the public.

Even though it shows in recent studies that the COVID-19 virus stays on cardboard for only 24 hours, there has been no conclusive evidence showing that packages possibly contaminated or exposed to the virus can transfer the infection.

Nevertheless, practicing good hygiene, such as handwashing and following safety protocols, is still a must for the people handling food and doing food-related services. Strict rules in hygiene have always been a priority in food production.

Moreover, the implementation of these is subject to authorities that mandate food business to follow them. The hygiene practices that are implemented by these businesses’ operators aim to prevent food contamination by pathogens. This also includes the prevention of food contamination by the COVID-19 virus.