More Cybersecurity Woes as Telework Rises Because of the Pandemic

More Cybersecurity Woes as Telework Rises Because of the Pandemic

Many employers worry about safety online since most employees work from their homes. This is one of the major concerns of employers, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Since employees have to use their personal internet to connect to their work servers, employers worry that personal internet is not as safe as the office internet. Bloomberg added that workers tend to click links that connect them to unsafe sites due to the anxiety they get from their environment.

Because of the present uncertainty due to COVID-19 and the rising numbers of people who work from home, there are more online scamming cases. Many reputable institutions have given a warning about opening questionable emails and answering private messages and phone calls.

Employers from finance, banking, and public service, among many others, are more worried since they handle volumes of personal information and confidential data. Many hackers take advantage of the vulnerabilities of many businesses and organizations.

Some simple steps that employees can take to avoid hacking include updating their passwords from time to time and installing the latest antivirus updates on their computers.


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