Focus on PPE and Protection Against Fall

Focus on PPE and Protection Against Fall

The CCOHS or the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety describes working at tall places as a workplace where someone could fall and get injured from a certain distance. Some instances include falling from a roof, step ladder, or an open hole on the floor or ground. Protection may also be required when working on a vat, bin, open-top tank, or hopper.

Even though the measurements may vary, in occupational and safety laws, some kind of protection should be given to a worker if they are working 3 meters or 10 feet above.

There are many considerations when choosing the equipment for fall protection. One of the basics is a proper hard hat. It is vital to have the proper protection to the head when working with heights. Instead of using the normal hard hat that is not very secure on the head, workers should use a hard hat that has been rated for top and side-impact. There should also be a chin strap. Nevertheless, it will be best to assess if the work can be done on the ground to avoid fall accidents.