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The Government of Ontario to Invest Over $2M for Training Projects

The Government of Ontario to Invest Over $2M for Training Projects

The Ministry of Labor, Training, and Skills Development of Ontario is planning to invest in different skills development programs.

They plan to start in the Brantford region where more than $700,000 in the “Construct Your Career” program will be invested by SkillsAdvance. The project wants to help workers in preparing to take on construction jobs. They also aim to assist 60 job hunters with skills and experience to qualify for entry-level positions. It will be introduced on August 31.

The provincial government of Hamilton/Halton and Niagara plan to invest in 2 programs, so they plan to invest over $1M. These projects hope to help over 200 job hunters in training for skills in the manufacturing and automotive industries. McMaster University will facilitate the training. Aside from teaching new technologies in the manufacturing sector, they plan to offer job placements and internships. As a result, post-secondary students and new graduates can gain the required skills to start their careers.

The ministry hopes that making this collaboration with local groups and educational institutions can help the economy and people find a job.


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