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Ontario Spends on Safety and Health for Indigenous Workers

Ontario Spends on Safety and Health for Indigenous Workers

Ontario is planning to spend more than $280,000 to give appropriate programs and training for the Nokiiwin Tribal Council. These programs and training focus on protecting the people’s safety and health, especially among the First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario.

The minister of energy, northern development and mines, and minister of Indigenous affairs want to focus on the safety and health in this community’s workplace because it can provide a good and long-lasting change.

Under the G’minoomaadozimin, these programs will concentrate on mental health, violence, and harassment in the workplace and support workers vulnerable to these.

The training’s goal is to develop respect in the workplace and make programs that use the Seven Grandfather Teachings which are truth, love, courage, respect, humility, honesty, and wisdom. These teachings are part of the community’s beliefs.

All the programs and training are based on the priorities and needs of the community. It is important to make these solutions and initiatives in which the foundation is the community’s tradition and culture, especially during this time.