The Launch of a Virtual Event by a Telehealth Company

The Launch of a Virtual Event by a Telehealth Company

SWORD Health or SWORD, a provider of digital musculoskeletal therapy, introduced a virtual event so that Benefit leaders from across the globe can find it easy to attend conferences that interest them for the benefit of the employees and the health of the digital industry.

SessionBot, the virtual event’s name, aims to conduct online sessions and conferences about employee benefits and digital health. These include conferences such as the Conference Board’s Employee Healthcare Conference and National Business Group on Health conference.

By attending these, the Benefits leaders and staff can have an easier time making decisions. This can then help in lessening the negative impacts of canceled events and travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to SWORD, many of their clients had dropped out of many conferences. That is why they decided to do something about it. They know how critical conferences are to the decision-making of the Benefits staff. The teams from Benefits expressed that this innovation has made the job a little lighter for them.