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Sustaining Missions

Management, marketing and money—how can church-run missions and seminary-trained executive directors complete in the world of charities?

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Pastoral Care

Living Confidence

All eyes turned to us as we got out of the car. We were not part of the family, we were not friends, we were not invited to this welcome-home party. Yet we were there. Myself and a police sergeant.

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Today is May 1, which in some cultures involves

Ordinary Radical

Justice > Charity

Learning what it really means to ‘do justice.’

Happy little girl

Forget About “The Problem of Evil.” What About “The Problem of Good”?

When I talk to people about the existence of


On the Wilderness Road

Spring brings the new stories, the newest newborn church

Leaving a Legacy of Love

One advantage about living in a community for fifty



From Lachute to Lincoln Center

The remarkable career of Wayne Riddell.

Karen Horst

Karen Horst Named Sole Nominee for Moderator

General Assembly begins June 4 in Vancouver.

Pastoral Care

Living Confidence

How faith alone helps us care for those in need.


Nine conversations to nourish a congregation.

Spaces to Flourish


Sustaining Missions

Answering an executive director’s cry for help.



Weird, Wonderful, Worrisome

Things to think about.


Wholeness and Health

It is a challenge to be passionate and polite at the same time.

Book Review

Thinking Past Empire

An introduction to postcolonial theory.


A Lego Easter

Plus crazy voicemail, great music and videos.

The Good with the Bad

Raising kids in Africa is both challenging and rewarding.



Wonderful Diversity

Differing opinions make us richer.

David Harris

Embracing Spirituality

Mainline churches need to turn to Mary now as they once turned to Martha.

Break into Song

Break into Song

Helping congregations find their voice.

Stephen Harris

A Good Set of Instructions

A blessing, indeed.

Andrew Faiz

A Tree in the City

The forest has been replaced by us.

Pastor Shep

Pastor Shep