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Christian Worthington

Beyond Words

Western art, historically entwined with the Church, has moved on to other themes. Or perhaps the Church has lost interest in the contemporary world.

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Medicine, Hand drawing

Assisted Suicide: Is It Ethical? Or Murder? Or Both?

Maybe you know someone who has suffered terribly. I’ve known a few. But I feel that there are some serious considerations absent from the debate.

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Ten Things I Learned When Our Church Started a Second Service

On the journey to start a second service, there have been many things we did not plan for and many lessons learned.

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Information Age

Print is Dead

Church newspapers and magazines are not in the publishing business. They’re in the information sharing and community connection business.

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Evangelism Essentials

“How are you today?” the cashier asked politely in the checkout line at the local grocery store. “Saved!” my ministerial colleague replied, beaming with an angelic smile. Ugh. I cringed.

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On the Way

I love this photo of Beangirl. Because she didn't

jesus good friday

Three Of The Biggest Misunderstandings About Jesus

Albert Schweitzer famously said that when looking for the “real”


No, this is not a story about sewing, but

Lenten Leanings

Some (hopefully) inspiring ideas for Lent.

IMG_1362 2


This piece was recently on exhibit at the Montreal


Christian Worthington

Beyond Words

Art can help us enter into the mystery of faith.

Freedom From Hatred

Freedom From Hatred

Love your neighbour as yourself.

Information Age

Print is Dead

Information sharing lives on.


Pastoral Care Among Quebec’s Senior Citizens

Remembering their stories.


Ten Things I Learned When Our Church Started a Second Service

Expect the unexpected.



Living and Dying in Hope

Reflections on my journey with ALS.

Father Ted

Silly Searches

Looking for laughs online.


Why Sponsor a Refugee?

Understanding the blessing of freedom.


Does a Church Setting Attract and Foster Narcissistic Behaviour?

What I learned studying Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Catching Fish… and Toddlers

The call to catch people.


Progressive Lectionary

Put Down the Gospel Gun

The only thing you can give for the gospel is yourself.

Stephen Harris

Sovereign Grace

Principles of a Reformed theology.


Evangelism Essentials

Sharing the gospel begins with relationships


Your Life Verse

Bringing God’s word to all you do.

David Harris

To Question Well

Asking and listening is a great way to have a conversation.

Pastor Shep

Pastor Shep