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Cover - Hope

The Horizon of Hope

While I was working on my dissertation, I was also serving in spiritual care, in palliative care, in pediatric trauma. Here I was writing and thinking about these big picture ideas about hope when I was walking with people who were facing endings and facing their own death.

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Honouring Nicholas

Pat pleaded, “What are you saying?! How long does he have?” The oncologist replied, “With kids I’ve known with this kind of tumour, it is usually a matter of months, though sometimes we can be surprised, and it may be a bit longer.” The devastation in the room was palpable.

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24/6 in a 24/7 World

While discussions about Sabbath have a history of joy-sapping legalism, the practice is one of the more prophetic habits for Christians living today.

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Wrestling Through the Night

Behind the beauty of this story is a thief, cheat and liar who gets what he wants. Genesis makes a hero out of Jacob, a seriously flawed hero, but a hero nonetheless.

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Stephen Farris

The Roots Approach

Individuals have a natural life span. We are also becoming accustomed, with pain, to a parallel notion, that congregations have life spans. It may be time to ask whether denominations—in fact, our denomination—might have a life span also.

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Labour (-free) Day Weekend

Welcome to Labour Day weekend, when, ironically, we celebrate

Viktor Frankl

I Am Not In A Concentration Camp (And Neither Are You)

Every once in a while I happen upon a lightning-bolt


summer holidays – making memories?

It took me a few years to get it,


Who Cares About the WTO Anymore?

At the end of July, the General Council of


Back to the Burning Bush

Images of Exodus 3:1-15


Killed in Kabul

The church helps heal a grieving family.

Andrew Faiz

Intelligence and Beauty

Deconstructing General Assembly.


Wrestling Through the Night

We meet God when all we depend on is out of reach.


A Palpable Intentionality

Congregations plead to be heard.

Stephen Farris

The Roots Approach

Making new growth possible.


raised abroad

Being ‘Gaijin’

Perspectives from the McIntosh siblings.

Set Me Free

Da Boss Above

An unlikely Bible translation and other interesting things.


Life On the Edge of Sheer Awe

Responding with thanksgiving.


The Corinthian Complex

A lesson from loon parents.

Jesus is Everywhere

Well, sort of.



‘A Cause Anyone Can Support’

Saving women and children.

Cover - Full

Honouring Nicholas

A mother wrestles meaning and hope from her son’s untimely death.

Cover - Hope

The Horizon of Hope

Surrender control; trust God.


General Assembly Pension Plan Update

The assembly approved a number of measures to provide


Some General Assembly Business in Brief

The Book of Reports and minutes of assembly are available for download on

Pastor Shep

Pastor Shep