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    Planning Goodbyes

    In ages past, everyone knew what to expect at a funeral. But those once-familiar practices have begun to change.

  • Cover Story

    The Long Goodbye

    We are living longer. Over the course of 50 years, the average lifespan has increased in Canada by a decade. But … a longer life is not necessarily a better life.

  • new-birth


    New Birth

    Although we recognize death will happen to everyone, how is it that some people are able to die with the assurance that death does not have the final word?

  • Dying

    Cover Story

    The Beginning of Life

    When a kind doctor told me I had cancer in my lungs and in my bones, I did not realize that I had just heard someone pronounce a death sentence over me.

  • Leadershift


    A Sign of the Times

    It’s an exciting time to be the church these days. Our loquacious God is always speaking and always on the move.