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Canada Youth

Build Your Kingdom Here

Imagine entering a worship service to find a party going on.

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Fasting and Feasting

We live in a culture satiated on consumption and comfort, where marketers play up our desires. Self-denial seems at best quaintly puritanical and at worst incomprehensible. Why go without?

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Progressive Lectionary

The Greatest and First Commandment

Every day, says Deuteronomy, bind these words to hand and forehead, hammer the words to the doorposts. They must be the last words you see as you go out into the world.

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Science and Faith

I was ordained as a minister nearly 25 years ago, but prior to that I enjoyed my first vocation as a geologist. When I made my shift in vocation known, one of my colleagues said I was moving from the Ministry of Natural Resources to the Ministry of Supernatural Resources.

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someone knocking

Seek and You Will Find

One of the great promises given to us by


A Difficult Love Story

Sometimes it takes a difficult love story. Sometimes the


The Changing Times

Where I grew up, in the Fraser Valley of

Remain Calm!

A lot of people, it seems, are worried about


California is for preachers. And gardeners.

For the last couple of years I have been



Am I Thankful?

Renewal flows from gratitude.


Fasting and Feasting

Going without to get closer to God.

Progressive Lectionary

The Greatest and First Commandment

A call to love truly, madly, deeply.

David Harris

We Are Called to Give

Correcting misconceptions about donor behaviour.

The Power of Words

An evening of poetry brings two communities together.



The Kindness of Strangers

A pilgrimage proves we need the help of others.

Ross family

Life in Community

Bringing up babies in Nigeria.


Like a Patio Bear

Making a habit of our faith.

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There’s an App for That!

Finding fun online.


A Long Way to Go

Challenging our assumptions of what God looks like.


Canada Youth

Build Your Kingdom Here

Unleashing the spirit of youth in the church.

Allen Aicken PYPS

Faith Through Life

Where have all the followers gone?


Seeing and Believing

Discovering what Christianity is all about.

Canada Youth

Becoming Neighbours

Involving youth in reconciliation with the Aboriginal community.


Science and Faith

God over all.

Pastor Shep

Pastor Shep