The Faces of CY

Since it’s midnight at this point and really I couldn’t compose a real blog post…I’ll use the format that I do the best…photos.

Hugh! Worship Ice Cream for Breakfast I think she sees me Eyebrows

About the author: Alex Luyckx

Alex Luyckx attends Knox, Milton, Ont.


  1. avatar Marie Ferron says:

    Hey Alex. Say hello to my girls for me (Maegan & Courtney) My mom, Edith Elliot told me you would be there. I have told the girls to look out for you,to say hello. Have they found you yet????



  2. avatar Alex Luyckx says:

    Hi Marie,

    Yes, Edith called me last week asking if I was going to CY. I actually met your two wonderful daughters this morning. They tracked me down 😛


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