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Preparing for Home

“We must remember Christ was not crucified in a cathedral between two candles, but on a cross between two thieves; on a town garbage heap.”

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St. Martin's Cross stands in front of the restored abbey

On the Isle of Iona

There is a line from a song by John Bell of the Iona Community that has taken on new meaning for the pilgrims: “At night, as I dreamt,

St. Giles High Kirk in Edinburgh

Within the Walls of St. Giles

We covered a lot of ground and a lot of history during our days in Edinburgh. From John Knox’s intellectual battles with the devout Catholic, Queen Mary, through

The ruins of St. Andrews Castle

Starting with St. Andrews

We began our journey through Scotland at a place of great beauty and, for John Knox , great pain. These days St. Andrews is best known for its world

The World Council of Churches' ecumenical chapel

That They All May Be One

Ut omnes unum sint. That they all may be one. It became the refrain of the day as we visited the World Council of Churches. “John Calvin was many


Ladies of Avenches

We left behind the rolling hills of the Rhine valley for the towering mountains of Switzerland. Although most of July 12 was taken up by the journey from


Psalms in Strasbourg

Strasbourg’s Grande Ile is a UNESCO world heritage site. The historic buildings surround the stunning cathedral and spill across the central island. One of the offices near the

The Reformed Church in Meaux

Dying for Faith

On our last day in Meaux, we visited a church founded by martyrs. The modest Reformed church, or “temple” in French, seems jarringly plain compared to the soaring

Notre Dame de Noyon as viewed from the main entrance.

In Calvin’s Hometown

Notre Dame de Noyon has seen plenty of destruction. The statues and most of the carvings that adorned its façade were smashed by Protestants during the Wars of

Fr. Bruno Beltramelli, librarian for the Diocese of Meaux, shows pilgrims a text from the library.

Seeking Water in the Rubble

Today began in an obscure corner of the Bible: Genesis 26:12-18. You may have never heard the story, said Rev. Dr. Gerald Hobbs, one of the pilgrimage leaders,

June 6 Meaux pic

The Journey Begins

Yesterday, I was starting to feel like a pilgrim. Bleary-eyed, tired and far from home was how I always imagined pilgrims must feel—at least for a little while. After a