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Restorative justice

An Emphasis on Grace

While there may be consequences for harm caused, the primary purpose of restorative justice is healing and restoring the relationships that have been damaged.

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How Do You Worship?

Have you ever been to a worship service that made you uncomfortable? Most of us would probably answer, “yes.”

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Discover Ourselves

Discovering Our Self

Since we mostly live harried and hurried lives, pressed by multiple concerns and pushed in multiple directions, we easily miss noting God’s presence with us throughout the day.

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Viva Pudding

On Friday morning, I decided to bake a sticky

A response to “Hospitality and Justice for all in The Presbyterian Church in Canada: an open letter calling for the inclusion of LGBTQ people in The PCC”

The text I am responding to can be found


Laugh and the World Laughs

I think God has a great sense of humor…who

Waiting, Waiting…

Today is a day of waiting, for me.  Granted,

Waiting, waiting…

Today is a day of waiting, for me.  Granted,


Prayer of a 90-Year-Old

Dear Lord: Where in the world has my body gone? Yes,


Seeking Transcendence

Opening ourselves to the spiritual.

Discover Ourselves

Discovering Our Self

And finding God everywhere.

David Harris

Time to Listen for the Spirit’s Voice

Stillness and calm are required as the church prepares to discuss same-sex questions.

Andrew Faiz

A Bumpy Year

Church needs to be a safe place.



Guardians of the Story

Sharing your Jesus story with your kids and grandkids.


Anchored in Hope

Our confidence is in Christ.


Growing in Faith

And opening the door to understanding.


Life in the Village

We were made for community.


Music, Movies and Books

Some unique recommendations.



A Time to Contemplate

The 100th anniversary of WWI.

Restorative justice

An Emphasis on Grace

Restorative justice practices heal broken communities.

Canada Youth

Build Your Kingdom Here

Unleashing the spirit of youth in the church.

Allen Aicken PYPS

Faith Through Life

Where have all the followers gone?


Seeing and Believing

Discovering what Christianity is all about.

Pastor Shep

Pastor Shep