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Burst Forth

Burst Forth

For each woman, the event was extraordinary—out of the ordinary—a time of leaving our various small corners to experience the vast, worldwide family of God.

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Spiritual Disciplines

A Quiet & Attentive Spirit

The spiritual practice of silence is simple, but it is one of the more forbidding disciplines for our day. It is a prophetic practice because it challenges our cultural way of being.

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A Long Way to Go

After we said grace, Jack looked across the table at me and said: “You should know that I didn’t sign your call. I don’t believe that women should be ordained ministers.”

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Kim Phuc

Be a Blessing

The story of Kim Phuc’s life is one of resurrection. At the age of nine, she was caught in a napalm attack near her home in Trang Bang, in southeast Vietnam.

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Why Christians Should Write

For years I never wrote anything longer than a grocery list. I’d given up journaling—as a mom of three boys, I thought sleep was a better use of any rare spare moments I might have.

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Community Coffeehouse Outreach

Many years ago playing music in the local bars


Preparing for Thanksgiving (In a Culture of “More! More! More!”)

“One day, a few days after the liberation, I


Global Hunger on the Decline

2014 state of food insecurity shows encouraging results.


Redefining Agricultural Yield

Changing the way we talk about how much food we grow.


Looking into the Darkness

Changing seasons and making dragon bread


Stephen Harris

Upping the Coolness Factor

An epistle from CY 2014.


Calling Us Back

Renewing our commitments.

Andrew Faiz

Off the Beaten Path

Where Church is really happening.

Spiritual Disciplines

A Quiet & Attentive Spirit

Start your day with restful silence.

Progressive Lectionary

Bread from Heaven

A story of birds, bread and bellyaching rings true today.



A Long Way to Go

Challenging our assumptions of what God looks like.

Raised Abroad

Army Ants and Civil War

Mission in Nigeria with children.


A Lesson from the Dogpatch

It’s all about perspective.

K & K Mime /

A Strange New World

You have to see it to believe it.


Why Christians Should Write

It’s an act of worship.


The Putin Problem

Sanctions can’t stop Russia.

Burst Forth

Burst Forth

Together we are terrific.

Dominion Council, Women’s Missionary Society, Saskatoon, 1926”

A Century of Service

Women from around the world come together to celebrate the WMS.


When God Calls

An Arabic church reaches out.


Honouring Women of Faith

Six incredible women received inaugural Woman of Faith awards

Pastor Shep

Pastor Shep