• Same old Story


    Same Old Story

    Little people love repetition. They find comfort in their favourite game, or song or story, repeated time and again. And again and again.

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    Now we call it the Dry Season

    Nineteen-year-old Yvette Nicholas hasn’t been farming long, but she knows that things are different today in Haiti than when her parents were young.

  • Youth


    Yearning for Connectedness

    Two decades ago, in 1996, a so-called “Silent Exodus” was declared in the United States, drawing attention to the incessant—albeit hushed—departure of young Asian Christians

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    The Future of the Record

    Seven years of declining readership averaging more than 13 per cent a year have put the 140-year-old Presbyterian Record in a position where the board is having to weigh its future.

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    Cover Story

    Dwell, Work, Be with God

    Rev. Joel Sherbino was once sitting in a conference. This is how he tells it: “The whole conference was based around this one question: ‘If your church were to disappear tomorrow, would anyone in the community notice or even care?”