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Defining Church

Ask a room full of people about church and you will open up not just a box of stories but a range of meanings, connotations and denotations that are as varied as the people you are speaking to.

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The Promise of Practices

Jesus’ expectation was that his followers would actually do the things he did and taught. Really, no joke.

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A Place of Hope

It’s neutral ground, a place where gangs lay down their guns.

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Motivating Change

“It’s not so much that people don’t mind change, they just want to keep on doing what they’re doing as well. And by the time they’re finished doing what they’ve been doing, they’re out of time, money and energy to do anything new.”

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New boots, new journey!

I am taking a course on Celtic spirituality as

Sheridan Lake House Church

This is a report from the Sheridan Lake House


In the Middle

We had a perfect Easter weekend. The weather was

Women Are from Venus, Men Are from Mars

Watching my grandson grow up was a real learning

Today…with me…Paradise

On this Good Friday, I thought I’d share some


The Last Supper

The Sacrament of Service

Jesus does as he asks us to do.

brad childs

Messy. Loving. Serving.

This thing called church.

Andrew Faiz

A Church of Now

Moving past the past.


Great Expectations

Turning others loose to lead.

David Sutherland

Waiting on Another

Where do you find the patience?



Motivating Change

In conversation about congregations.


Learning to Trust God

A CRC minister’s life journey.

Inglis children

A Lasting Impression

Growing up on the Dark Continent.


A Mysterious Disappearance

Accepting life's losses.

It Takes All Kinds

God's people doing godly, and not so godly, things.



Paving the Way

A service shake-up leads to a wake-up.


Defining Church

Meditations on a visit to Calgary.


Exploring Grace Alone

The Reformation @ 500.


A Place of Hope

WICM provides dignity in Winnipeg.


Sent By God

Canadian missionaries gave their lives in Korea.

Pastor Shep

Pastor Shep